Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

The "Rule of Six"

Q. My activity has more than six participants, can I still use the Hall?

A. Yes. The Hall capacity remains at 35 total. You will need to follow the limits on the number of other people you should meet with as a group (i.e. atend with or interact with at the Hall) - no more than six people unless you all live together (or are in the same support bubble) - and avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group you are with (e.g. other participants in your activity), even if you see other people you know. It will be up to the organiser to ensure suitable social distancing between groups. If you attend an activity as an individual, you should consider yourself a "group" of one. An instructor or teacher can move between groups and does not count in the group total. You should also provide your contact details to the organiser so that you can be contacted if needed by the NHS Test and Trace programme.

Q. Some of my participants have grouped together and I don't think they live together, is this legal?

A. Event organisers are not expected to ask about people’s domestic arrangements, so if a group of 6 or less friends wish to sit together without being socially distanced, that is their choice. But no group members should mingle, ie mix, with another group.


Q. Why am I being charged a cleaning supplement and being asked to do some cleaning myself?

A. The arrangements to reduce the risk from Covid-19 include an enhanced cleaning regime to ensure that frequently touched surfaces in the Hall are cleaned before each day’s hirings. Most of our customers indicated that this is what they would expect. The further step of cleaning between each hiring, when what is touched or handled may vary, is impractical for us and for this reason we also require hirers to carry out some cleaning themselves.

Nevertheless, our cleaning costs will rise significantly and we have reluctantly decided to charge a 5% supplement on all bookings from 1 September 2020 as a contribution to those additional cleaning costs arising directly from covid-19 arrangements. By paying this small additional charge you will be helping us manage our return to full operation as soon as circumstances permit.

Audio & Video

Q. Why do i need your written permission to use the audio and video at the Hall?

A. Use of the audio and video equipment involves physical contact with items that will be touched by the next users and, in many cases, that are difficult or delicate to clean and involve electrical items. We want to ensure that these items are only handled when strictly necessary e.g. if you have a visiting speaker with a presentation; and we will ask you to follow a handling and cleaning protocol. We will also know when the equipment has been handled.

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